AOWhatsApp Apk Latest v6.85 For Android [Official]

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular SMS, and mobile app, may not be suitable for all users. Some people require more. I utilize brands such as WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. However, AOWhatsApp was recently published. But before we get into the module, let’s look at the Whats Mod APK to see what kinds of mods are available.

AOWhatsApp Apk Latest v6.85 For Android [Official]
AOWhatsApp Apk

About AOWhatsApp APK Download V6.85 Official Latest Version:

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular and widely used text and phone program, cannot meet all of its users’ needs. In their instant messaging programs, a few folks require greater capacity. As a result, they employ WhatsApp MODs such as WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and now AOWhatsApp, which will be discussed. However, before I give you any updates on my mod, I’d want to invite you to check out Whats Mod APKs for more options.

Available mods in AOWhatsApp

To name a few, the user interface has been redesigned, performance has been improved, and functionality has been improved. It isn’t the most well-known mod, but it is becoming more well-known with each passing day. If you want to utilize the app, we’ve provided the most secure download URL for you to use.

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging programme that is frequently used for communication. Despite being the world’s most popular SMS and talking app, it does not suit the demands of all users. It’s very restrictive, and there haven’t been any big upgrades in a long time. As a result, users are more likely to seek out change or other messaging programmes.

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Apk NameAOWhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or Above
Update1 Day Ago

AOWhatsapp’s Features:

AOWhatsapp has many useful features like hiding last seen, hiding blue ticks, examining deleted messages and statuses, downloading status, and so on. Here are some of the mod apk’s main features.

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Last Seen: Freeze/Hide

You can hide and freeze your last seen in the updated Whatsapp. You can use this tool to be offline while still being online. After enabling this Whatsapp feature, your last seen will be displayed to your friends instead of your online status.

Against the Ban:

The app also includes an anti-ban feature, protecting your account from Whatsapp bans. Your account will never prohibit when you use the AOWhatsApp application app. It protects it and gives you an added layer of security.

You choose the option whether you see the notification on your device

  • You’ll be notified whenever your contact updates their profile image.
  • You’ll be notified when they go online as well.
  • I looked at the status notification.
  • The notification’s duration can be adjusted.

Privacy-related features

  • You can hide your online status, last seen, and friend messages.
  • Blue ticks, typing, and recordings should all be disabled.
  • It also prevents messages and statuses from being deleted.

Chats on Whatsapp can be locked.

With a pattern, you may quickly secure your WhatsApp account. A backup question is also an option.

Changing between accounts

  • You may effortlessly swap between 5 different numbers using AOWhatsApp.
  • There are no restrictions on the media.
  • You can send up to 700MB of media and choose which media is saved on your phone.

Chattering interface

  • Without returning to the main page, you may easily access chat.
  • With another button, the same text can be delivered many times.

Status of Download: upload

With the assistance of this Whatsapp mod, you can now download all of your Whatsapp friends’ and family’s statuses with a single click. All statuses will be preserved in your phone’s gallery, which you can access at any time.

Increased Sending Limit:

You can only transmit files up to 16MB, limiting you to the regular version of Whatsapp, but in the new mod WhatsApp, you can share documents and files above 60MB. It gives you the most power to upload and transmit large files.

See chats and WhatsApp statuses that someone has deleted:

  • You can view the message and deleted status by someone. It was the best feature when I came to know about this AOWhatsApp.
  • You may now see all of your friends’ deleted messages and updates on Whatsapp.

Hide and Lock Chats:

The AOWhatsApp mod also allows you to hide and lock chats without using any third-party software. It has a built-in lock mechanism that you may use to keep your discussion private. You must follow these steps to use this feature. Go to the chat and click the three dots; you’ll see a lock conversation option in the last three possibilities. Select the option and use a pattern or pin to secure your chat.


With this Whatsapp mod, you gain access to a theme library, from which you can download a variety of themes and install them on your Whatsapp. With this option, you may completely modify the appearance of your Whatsapp. In this modded Whatsapp, you can also change the colour and style of your fonts.

Message Scheduler:

The Whatsapp mod apk also includes a message scheduler, which lets you establish a timer for sending messages to others. You can use this tool to send reminder texts to your friends for meetings or personal matters. AOWhatsApp feature could be life-saving for you.

The safest place to chat:

This Whatsapp mod apk is one of the safest and fastest Whatsapp mods available. It provides you with the highest level of security and privacy. In this Whatsapp, your account and personal information are completely secure. Due to its lightweight and speed, it outperforms many other Whatsapp mods in terms of speed.

Additional characteristics

  • You have complete control over the widget’s appearance.
  • The chat interface can be customized.
  • It’s simple to switch themes.
  • Controlling groups is possible.
  • There is a chat backup accessible.
  • Unsaved phone numbers can get messages.

What’s New about Version 6.85 of AOWhatsApp?

  • Activate the option to conceal messages automatically.
  • Activate the option for automatic media download.
  • Find out if your friend is online or has seen your status in seconds.

How do I open the app and download it?

To begin using the AOWhatsApp messaging app, go to the company’s official website and download the free version of the service, or click to download AOWhatsApp. After the installation is complete, you may use the messaging feature to communicate with other AOWhatsApp users and learn more about the procedure on the website.

When installing AOWhatsApp, ensure that this application can’t damage your device. Also, make sure you have adequate space on your smartphone to execute the software. At last, go to the device settings to find unrevealed sources that help install this application through your device browser.

How to get it and install it:

  • The difficulty now is how to obtain and install the application.
  • So stick with me, and I’ll show you how to get the application for free.
  • Firstly, you need to on the option of unrevealed sources.
  • After you’ve enabled it in the options, you’ll need to click the green button above.
  • If you click that, your Android device may display a warning message telling you not to download the APK. Please ignore it.
  • Now, you must download the APK and install it on your mobile device.
  • You can now open the APK after it has been installed.
  • You can create a free account or log in with an existing account, just like regular WhatsApp.

Interested in working for AOWhatsApp?

The demand for mobile phones is expanding every day due to the vast number of individuals who use them. To answer this demand, several companies provide exciting and complementing applications that make the mobile phone user very satisfied with the device’s experience. To fulfil the needs of its users, AOWhatsApp has created several unique programmes and add-ons.

What is AOWhatsApp, and how does it work?

AO WhatsApp is a fantastic mod based on GBWhatsApp. The AOWhatsApp app is a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp app. To fulfil the needs of its users, AOWhatsApp has created several unique programmes and add-ons.

This mod transforms the entire app. Furthermore, Zemods created this mod.

AOWhatsApp can be Installed free from the Google play store:

Check the minimum system requirements before downloading AOWhatsApp to ensure your device fits them. Also, make sure you have adequate space on your smartphone to execute the software. Finally, enable “Unknown sources” to download it via your browser under your device’s settings.

AOWhatsApp now has more features.

Based on the latter, we can now utilise AOWhatsApp, a MOD that aims to be the best alternative to the official WhatsApp and includes all of the following features and functions:

  • More emojis and stickers are on the way.
  • It’s possible to hide statuses and the last connection time without losing access to other people’s information.
  • Better ways to manage our users’ privacy.
  • Translation of messages into different languages is possible.
  • WhatsApp statuses can be downloaded using this feature.
  • Change the message bubbles.
  • Larger videos should be sent.
  • The ability to send files in a variety of formats.
  • Statuses with up to 250 characters are allowed.
  • The app also claims to be unblockable. As you may be aware, WhatsApp is the service’s owner.

Is the AOWhatsApp APK safe to use?

Everyone who uses this software is curious about the answer to this crucial issue. We wanted to share the app because it worked for us.

If you download this application, the files and documents may be crushed, so be aware that we are not the application app launchers and have no connection with them. You are using this programme at your own risk. Our organization and we are not liable for any consequences.

For additional details, go to the AOWhatsApp APK Android page. The app has a lot of cool features that you’ll enjoy.


You can accomplish more with these capabilities than with the standard Whatsapp. This Whatsapp allows you to download statuses, read deleted messages, etc. 

In conclusion, AOWhatsApp may be the best WhatsApp, but make sure it isn’t an official version.

Make sure you use this app for fun and never share anything personal with it, such as sharp images and videos, credit/debit/bank information, etc.

Make certain that your safety is in your own hands. This website is not liable in any way.


Q: What is AOWhatsApp, and how does it work?

A: AOWhatsApp is an example of an app that provides numerous advantages and features for utilizing WhatsApp. There are numerous features, including dual WhatsApp, last seen, blue tick, second tick, typing status, etc.

Q: How to install the AOWhatsApp? 

A: If you want to install the application, go to the “Download AO WhatsApp” section and tap on that option. 

Q: What do you do to get the latest version of AOWhatsApp?

A: For the most up-to-date AO WhatsApp updates, visit Ensure you have the most recent version of AO WhatsApp if you’re using a previous version of this mod.

Q: What is the best way to update?

A: To see new versions of AOWhatsApp, go to AOWhatsApp Mod APK regularly.

Q: Is AOWhatsApp a safe app?

A: Because WhatsApp does not support fashion, if you use AOWhatsApp in a fashion-related way, your account may be blocked, so I recommend using a different fashion account. Your device is no longer vulnerable to malware.

Q: Is the AOWhatsApp APK available for free?

A: The AOWhatsApp is a free programme with limitless features. Switching from a free to a paid mod is a tad pricey. However, you may acquire APK for free from this link.

Q: Where can I download the AO WhatsApp APK for Android from

A: This is overly straightforward. You don’t need to go anywhere further because I’ve provided this programme for free in this article. GCamStore.Net is where you can get this fantastic programme. And tell your family and friends about your adventure.

Q: What does the AOWhatsApp APK do?

A: The AOWhatsApp App is one of the best Android apps available.

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