GB WhatsApp Apk Download Updated [January + Anti Ban] 2024

GB WhatsApp Apk hey mods is a modified version of the original WhatsApp entreaty or a mod from the recent WhatsApp application. It enhances WhatsApp’s characteristics and others that the current App may lack. Several distinct customized renditions of WhatsApp have been broadcasted in the yore, such as WhatsApp +, Yo WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp.

All of these have characteristics that the authorized application does not. GB WhatsApp Apk is a messaging program that glares and specializes like the original App. It comprises contractual ledgers that may infringe on the initial WhatsApp application’s ordinances, encompassing several enhanced aspects.

GB WhatsApp Apk Download Updated [January + Anti Ban] 2024
GB WhatsApp Apk Download

What Is GB WhatsApp Apk and How Does It Work?

GB WhatsApp Apk is one of the most excellent WhatsApp Apk mods accessible for your phone. Stoners comprehend this WhatsApp APK mod as a multi-account-friendly mod and much additional. This hack, nevertheless, is not accessible for download through app stores like the Google Play Store. However, you’re in fortune that we have mentioned how to download GB WhatsApp Apk 2024 updated versions are below.

GBWhatsapp Apk, like other WhatsApp Apk mods, has all of the essential app capacities and details plus some surpluses.

App NameGB WhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
Total Downloads95,000,000+
App size71 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeWhatsAppz Extra Features
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Respond automatically

To begin with, you can utilize this auto-reply choice whenever you yearn to concede to any of your friends.


If you’re utilizing another app on your Android phone and don’t prefer to be postponed by Whatsapp messages, you can use the DND to turn off your internet connection for GB Whatsapp Apk alone.

Relay of text messages

Broadcast text messages can be delivered to groups, which is a great function.

Message filtering

The Filter Messages function in the GB Whatsapp APK provides you with the alternative to clean chat and purify your messages.

Message hostile revocation

Anti-revocation messages are encompassed.

Share your recent location

GB Whatsapp Apk 2024 also authorizes users to share their existing locale with their colleagues.

Impacts that stand out

While delivering photos and videos to pals and family, stoners can pertain to significant and specific consequences.

  • Numerous messages are revoked: You can revoke several emails at once.
  • Deliver as several photos as possible:

Besides, when correlated to authorized Whatsapp, you can convey over 90 images simultaneously. You can also deliver your connection a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio record.

Besides, when correlated to authorized Whatsapp, you can convey over 90 images simultaneously. You can also deliver your connection a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio record.

Themes That Never End:

A recent function has been expanded to this updated edition of Whatsapp. So, relying on your mode, there are many enormous themes and Emojis that you may set to your phone.

Significance of Downloads:

An additional helpful feature of this software is the proficiency to download photos and videos from other people’s status revises.

Incredible Font:

Are you exhausted from the outdated typeface? Then, utilizing this alternative, you can assign your select font. This tool permits you to personalize your favorite typeface.

Record of Messages:

You can gaze into the record of information that has been rescinded from your contacts and groups.

Contacts should be changed:

Alter the vision of a particular reference in your gallery on social media.

Mark the messages you haven’t browsed yet:

You can commemorate read letters from the notification.

All conversations should be selected:

From the home screen of this App, one can grab all chats at once.

Conceal your current status:

It is feasible to protect the voice recording significance.

Image Quality at its Best:

You can transmit high-resolution photographs with GB Whatsapp Apk.

Record of the Log:

Likewise, the user has been permitted to access all of your contacts’ log records.


An additional enormous characteristic is the terminology feature, which authorizes you to prefer terminology other than insolvency.


You can also obtain notifications when somebody in your contact list modifies their profile by utilizing this App.

Notifications that occur on the screen:

The additional incredible feature of the GB Whatsapp APK is the proficiency to protect the App’s pop-up messages from your main screen.

Deliver huge files

No matter how much you appeal, don’t give out vast files of identical item. That will only expand the confusion. Deliver distinct messages to diverse persons. Mail an email and a text message to the corporation where you operate. Mail an email to the CEO notifying him that you’re still enthusiastic about our stance and would like to fulfill with him. Deliver your boss a text message to let him understand you’re still ambushing for the endeavor. Numerous messages will be more explicit and significant.

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GBWhatsapp Apk vs Original WhatsApp

Although GB WhatsApp Apk is an inexpensive alternative to the basic version, it persists in the market’s most prominent outlet since it delivers the most up-to-date and developed characteristics. It has a bunch of processes that WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Most components, such as the UI, message delivering and amassing, and installation, are almost similar. There isn’t much of a comparison here.

GBWhatsapp Apk vs Original WhatsApp


  • It is not feasible to download the status.
  • Voice messages can be up to 16 MB in size.
  • The cumulative size of all the media that can be sent is 16 MB.
  • At any allotted period, thirty portrayals can be selected.
  • Messages that are eliminated for everyone are perpetually gone.
  • The active state cannot be caused by aversion.
  • The status of the video endures thirty seconds.
  • The status of recording and typing cannot be protected.
  • Aids status lengths of up to 139 characters.
  • Autoreply Is entirely for commercial objectives.
  • There is no password for particular chats or communications.
  • Up to three conversations can be pinned.
  • There is no means to log in.

GB WhatsApp Apk

  • It authorizes you to duplicate and download the current status.
  • Voice messages up to 100MB in size can be conveyed.
  • Aids video files up to 50 MB in extent.
  • Supports up to 90 portrayals at the moment.
  • Deleted messages are apparent.
  • Assign contacts can have their functional significance turned off.
  • A status video might endure up to seven minutes.
  • The recording and active status can both be concealed.
  • The maximum number of status aspects is 255.
  • Auto-reply is benefited.
  • It is feasible to facilitate passwords.
  • It is probable to pin more than three contacts.
  • Login data is accessible.

How to Get GB WhatsApp APK on Android and Install It

Let’s glance at the step-by-step pedagogy if you’re admiring how to download and utilize GB WhatsApp Apk on any Android gadget. Let’s look at how to get the GBWhatsApp APK on your phone and use it.

  • Get on to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources on your phone.
  • Install the downloaded GB WhatsApp Apk on your Android device after you’ve facilitated Unknown references.
  • First, open it and type in your phone number to employ the App.

How to Get GB WhatsApp APK on Android and Install It

After you infiltrate your phone number, GBWhatsapp Apk will automatically substantiate it with an OTP code. After that, your gadget is inclined to utilize with GBWhatsapp Apk.

How do I get GB WhatsApp Apk on my PC?

Because the actual WhatsApp has a web edition, it is beneficial for users to utilize it on a computer. Still, the GB WhatsApp apk cannot be installed immediately on a computer. That will necessitate the usage of an Android emulator. Obeying these methods will authorize us to install it:

  • Install BlueStacks or another Android emulator on your computer.
  • After downloading the.exe file, get on to the region where you protect it and install it.
  • From your browser, download the GB WhatsApp APK file.
  • Instantly open the blue stack and assign GB WhatsApp APK from the drop-down menu.
  • Discover the APK file and open it.
  • By communing on the APK file, you can now install the GB WhatsApp Apk.
  • Unlock GB WhatsApp Apk when it has been installed.
  • Join and substantiate your phone number to permit the App’s details.

GB WhatsApp Apk for iPhone

Several gadgets are utilized nowadays, but the iPhone is the most prominent. Thousands of people own this device, but they have no idea how to get the iOS file to operate on it.

  • To begin, open your gadget’s browser and navigate to the website.
  • To bring the iOS file, commune the button below.
  • To install the file, unlock it after it has been downloaded.
  • To establish it, clasp the install button.
  • After a few seconds, the installation method will be finalized.
  • Inaugurate the Gbwhatsapp Apk iOS app once it has been installed.
  • Develop a current WhatsApp account or log in to your prevailing one.
  • Now you can relish the App!

What is the best way to backup GB WhatsApp Apk?

Get on to the settings menu in GBWhatsapp Apk. To store your conversations and data, choose back up. It will also have the alternative of backing up after a specific duration. You have the option of establishing how many moments you desire to back up. After that duration, it will backup automatically.

  • To protect your chats and files, you must make a jam of your data.
  • Uninstall your existing WhatsApp app and install GB WhatsApp Apk instead.
  • Your phone’s settings facilitate the probability of downloading from obscure references.

What’s New in Version 17.57 of GB WhatsApp

  • Unique extension selector established on
  • Alternative to eliminate “Read More…” and exhibit lengthy texts in their fullness.
  • A single stoner interface layout.
  • A new UI was developed while incorporating tale, IG Story, lowest bar style, and distinct features.
  • Stimulate the Instagram-style stories spotlight from the Home Screen -> Header.
  • While allowing airplane mode, reimburse additional scrutiny.
  • Conceal the most current status modification.
  • [Fixed] It is not apparent to deliver in full resolution.
  • [Fixed] When utilizing a photo background as a preview, [Fixed] it does not conform when the vicinity detector is deactivated. It does not work.
  • [Fixed] Users of Android 4.4 may undergo a wreck.
  • [Fixed] Always being online does not help.
  • [Fixed] Some 80% of people have difficulty downloading their prior status.

Permissions required for GB WhatsApp Apk

  • Destroy Tasks in the Background
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC, and Internet Access Device Location
  • Attain Accounts
  • Connections should be a survey
  • Alter the audio settings
  • Prepare an audio recording
  • Deliver a text message
  • Contacts with a Vibrate Write
  • Exterior Storage (Write)
  • Make usage of Maps Services

GB WhatsApp Apk Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several benefits and drawbacks of utilizing GB Whatsapp Apk on your phone. The following is a list of some of them. Let’s seize a glance at it from the bottom up.

Pros of GB WhatsApp Apk

  • Anti-Delete Message/Status implies that it will be deleted if an individual sends you a message by blunder. It will not be deleted from your phone.
  • You can utilize your phone without being frightened by WhatsApp messages if you employ Airplane/DND mode.
  • This App will have a fresh look appreciation of custom themes.
  • With a solitary click, you may send distinct portraits.
  • When you forward messages, the forwarded tag will not occur.

Cons of GB Whatsapp APK

  • Data cannot be backed up to Google Drive.
  • There may be a safety hazard because this is not an authorized version.
  • It’s a slight sluggisher than the authorized WhatsApp app.

Why won’t GB WhatsApp open?

If you’re retaining difficulty with this on your Android gadget, you might prefer to try some of the treatments implied below. If you’re encountering problems inaugurating GB WhatsApp Apk, you should first ascertain your Internet connection. Whether or whether your relationship is down, you might try swiveling off the ordnance conservation alternative on your phone and reinstalling the App. This will promote you in evading distant dilemmas.

You can try cleaning the cache if the difficulty prevails. Go to Settings > General > Apps on your gadget. Google Push Talks should be turned off. GB Whatsapp Apk will be unable to permit your data as an outcome of this.

The App will be compelled to shut down as a finding of this. After that, you can open GB WhatsApp Apk once more. You can do so by causing aversion to your internet and continuing the program.

Another problem with GB WhatsApp Apk is that messages are delivered delayed. Both GB Whatsapp Apk and WhatsApp may have uncertainties in obtaining incoming messages. There are a variety of rationales for why this crisis occurs. A questionable internet connection, device configuration problems, or the plea itself illustrate these difficulties. You can rectify this by turning off background data or force-closing the App. Eliminate the cache and reopen GB WhatsApp Apk to attain this.

FAQ’s of GB WhatsApp Apk

Q: How do I get the actual GB WhatsApp Apk?

A: GB Whatsapp Apk may be downloaded just like any separate app. The Google Play Store or the web are both decent places to reap the APK version of the program. Go to your Android phone’s Google Play Store and category GB Whatsapp Apk into the search field.

Q: Which version of WhatsApp is the original GB version?

A: GB One such customized version of the conversation software is WhatsApp. Many species have downloaded the program under the guise that it is the actual WhatsApp over the years. Others preferred it because of the additional capacities it delivers over WhatsApp.

Q: Is it safe to utilize GB WhatsApp Apk?

A: Employing a third-party app like GB WhatsApp Apk can occur in the lasting ban of your original WhatsApp account. Similarly, because there are no prominent sources for installing the program, these apps can jeopardize your secrecy.

Q: Is it feasible to utilize both GB and regular WhatsApp?

A: Fortunately, you can safely utilize WhatsApp Apk and GB WhatsApp Apk on the same phone. It’s a widespread regulation that you can’t install the same program doubly. This indicates you can’t have two WhatsApp apps on the same phone by insolvency.


This was the GB WhatsApp Apk post, and by obeying this tutorial, you can rapidly download and install GB WhatsApp Apk. It has several helpful characteristics and can be customized in plenty of means. It protects the user’s secrecy while authorizing him to take the objective for various purposes. Multiple accounts are subsidized.

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